Below are some testimonials from my clients:

My fiancé and I recently went through several pre-marital counseling sessions with Sarai, which she ran under her SPICES framework.  First of all, Sarai is wonderfully skilled as a counselor.  Having never been in a counseling situation before, I was quite anxious about the whole thing.  Sarai made me feel safe and after some initial awkwardness, I eased into opening up.  I appreciated the objective third party view on our relationship, and she was able to effectively translate our points of view into digestible insights that we probably wouldn’t have been able to arrive at ourselves.  Sarai is incredibly perceptive and was able to gently pinpoint character traits for both of us that we knew we needed to work on.

Secondly, the ideas that she suggested under the SPICES framework, were quite valuable.  Some of them, such as practicing gratitude and taking responsibility for our own actions and feelings, are things that most people have heard of and are universally thought of as healthy relationship skills.  However, Sarai was able to explain those ideas in a way that allowed me to see how powerful they can be.  While ideas such as these are certainly inspiring, they must be put into action, and I really appreciated the way Sarai helped us figure out ways to practice the necessary skills in everyday life.  My fiancé and I have been trying out these practices and are seeing improvements in our communication and general well-being.

Sarai was generous enough with her time to do these sessions with us privately, and I think that made a huge difference in the way I was able to internalize her teachings.  I’ve heard some of these messages before in large group settings and have always felt inspired afterwards, but there was something about having Sarai’s full attention that made a difference.  Perhaps it was the targeted, personalized suggestions, or the fact that I knew that my partner was on board with me, but I carried these lessons with me in a way that I never did before.  I have a habit of looking at the negative side of situations and stressing myself over things that I have no control over.  Sarai honed in on this habit of mine during our sessions and I saw how the negative effect that it could have on my relationship.  Since then, I’ve made very conscious efforts to gauge my thoughts and turn them around, per Sarai’s suggestions.  I am a work in progress on many fronts, but with Sarai’s invaluable insights and encouragement, I am committed to the effort of building a relationship that is loving, enriching, and supportive of fulfilling our purposes in life.


Well, thank YOU so much for sharing your gift of insight.

I think to best sum it up I felt recognized.  I like to think that it is something unique with me, that I am very private and complex, and it is unusual for anyone to see me, so that when it happens, especially with you and God speaking through you, it felt like coming home.  However, I recognize that each of us hides behind some kind of curtain as we wend our way through this life, weaving among circumstances and personalities, and that to be recognized is a welcome gift.

You are very poised and professional yet very gracious so that when you spoke the truths that were revealed to you, it didn’t feel invasive, but rather comforting.

I also appreciate – praise God – that you did not impose your external impressions or goals for me, but rather helped me to recognize, and even to remember, what my journey is, my path.  I think back in my office that was paramount, that you reminded me to get back on the path of God’s will for me.

And thanks for the advice to keep a journal of my visions.

Patricia, Editor

Sarai Koo is an amazing teacher, counselor, and life coach that makes a huge difference in the lives of the youth that have an opportunity to participate in her program.  As an entrepreneur and business leader I have attended multiple life coaching programs that pale in comparison to that of Sarai’s program.  Sarai leads with distinction, passion, and most importantly, her heart.

Jacky, Executive Director, Business Financial Capital

It was a pleasure to have you speak at our Department of Public Social Services, TEAM Conference in September 2015. You were very engaging, energetic, enthusiastic, and utilized real life examples in your presentation. You really connected with the audience and held their attention!

A survey was conducted of the attendees to get their feedback regarding the conference.  One of the first questions asked was “What did you like most about the Conference”?  I am please to state that #1 activity attendees enjoyed the most was your presentation. What makes the response even more qualifying is that there were no pre-selected answers to choose from. it was simply a free form question and response.

I woudllike to thank you again for accommodating our requests regarding your presentation at the conference adn am very pleased with the outcome.

Darryl B., District Director for the Department of Public Social Services, Bureau of Workforce Services

Dr. Koo had her non-profit MAPS 4 College and I was working in a community that would benefit from her program. Through my advocacy MAPS 4 College came to our community and started working with local underserved high school students. In the years she spent with the students, each student graduated from high school, went to college, graduated from college (and graduate school), and secured employment. The premise of MAPS 4 College was to teach students valuable leadership skills that could be applied in personal relationships, school, and work. She applied her SPICES Transformational Model to transform the lives of her students. I have personally witnessed her students grow up from teenagers to young active adults. On top of working directly with her on multiple programs and research projects, Dr. Koo is an expert in networking and program development. She’s a well-rounded transformative leader who has made a difference in people’s lives and communities

Monica K.