Sarai has helped thousands of people make changes in their personal and professional lives, find their passion, and take their careers to the next level. Are you ready to transform your life? We offer an array of assessments, which includes evaluation, coaching, and follow-on discussions.

Some of your goals may include: helping clients achieve their organizational and personal goals, develop strategies and skills to achieve organizational and personal goals; and e) establish metrics for assessing their individual progress towards meeting personal and organizational goals. One option is to consider taking assessments to help you discover more about yourself.

Types of assessments and surveys we offer include:

  • 360 assessments
  • Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence (assess the emotional intelligence of your organization)
  • Change Style Indicator (discover your individual’s preferred style)
  • Change Navigator
  • Change Readiness Gauge (measuring an organization’s readiness for change)
  • Decision Style Profile (learn your decision-making style)
  • DiSC workplace (an assessment tool to help you better understand yourself and others)
  • Discovery Leadership Profile
  • Emerging Leader Profile (Identify 12 leadership skills and traits to help you build a strong leadership foundation)
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and 360
  • Entrepreneurial Edge (Identify your entrepreneurial competencies)
  • Hardiness Resilience Gauge (gain insight into your ability to cope with stressful and unexpected situations)
  • Influence Style Indicator (learn preferred influencing style)
  • MBTI (Identify your psychological preference in how you perceive the world around you and make decisions)
  • Pearman Personality Integrator (identify your personality in your natural state and your everyday environment)
  • Risk Type Compass (Identify your predisposition to risk and capacity to manage it)
  • Strong Interest Inventory

Our assessments include debrief/coaching sessions and follow-on sessions.


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