SPICES Program – Prophetic/Intuitive Level


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The SPICES Program™ is a unique, life-transforming coaching program. SPICES program is different from other coaching or counseling programs that are offered. It is one of the most comprehensive approaches that teaches coaches how to transform people from inside out –  spirit, soul, and body. Coaches are taught how to tap into their prophetic, intuitive, and holistic self using a blue ocean technique that combines all the missing human development theories and frameworks into one whole framework.

The SPICES Coaching Program infuses a proprietary paradigm and framework to identify barriers that impede people from living out their true purpose and path. By learning how to see and hear from multiple dimensions, coaches can not only transform themselves but also others around them.

The SPICES Program™ has three certificate levels.

Level 1: SPICES Program – Foundation Level

This is a seven month program whereby you learn the skills and knowledge to become a SPICES coach. You will learn how to become a coach for individuals and organizations, learn an array of tools and techniques, identify where your clients from a holistic viewpoint, and more.

Cost: $9,000

Level 2: SPICES Prophetic/Intuit Level

In the SPICES Coaching – Intuitive Level, SPICES Prophetic/Intuits learn how to tap into the spiritual dimensions. In this dimension, coaches can see and hear from multiple levels that go deeper than the surface level. In this program, coaches learn how to unlock the potential in their clients. They can help unlock new clarity, purpose, and passion that have been hidden as well as bring new awareness for transformative change. Find out if you qualify for this level.

Cost: $12,500

Level 3:SPICES Mastery Level

The SPICES Coaching – Mastery Level trains coaches to become a SPICES Master.  In this level, SPICES Masters have the prophetic/intuitive abilities to truly transform people and environment. Whether they are speaking, coaching, consulting, etc., the SPICES Master can learn how to quickly identify root issues that occur in people and organizations. Become a lifetime member and tap into a network of SPICES Masters. Find out if you qualify for this level.

Cost: $15.000/lifetime


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