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The Coaching Process

How It Works
  1. Using the SPICES framework upon which all programs and services are based. The wholistic approach addressing multidimensional areas of yourself to find key ingredients for you to achieve your full potential.

What is SPICES?

SPICES Principle™ holds the keys to helping you become the best you inside out (spirit, soul, and body). SPICES is an acronym that stands for:

  • Self-Realization and Self-Awareness
  • Physiological and Physical
  • Intrapersonal and Interpersonal
  • Cognitive and Creative
  • Emotional and Economical
  • Social and Service

When you discover your key ingredients and all 12 components are in synergistic balance, you have become transformed into your best image.

Programs & Services

Customizable and Transformational

I develop tailored-specific tools and techniques to transform individual's lives and company cultures.

The programs and services offered are fully customized to help you discover the key ingredients to live a full life. I apply proprietary and customizable programs and services for people and companies through coaching, consulting, training, and speaking engagements.


Individual and Company Packages
Executive Coaching
Fitness Coaching
Life Coaching
Team Coaching


Providing you expert advice for effective results
Improve Company Culture
Identify and Mitigate Differences and Conflicts
Increase Employee Engagement


Transformative, Time-Sensitive Presentations
Emotional & Wellness
Interpersonal Communication
Leadership & Personal Development
Tailored Topics

Training & Facilitating

Fully Customizable and Transformative
Culture Change
Diversity & Inclusion
Team Building
And More!