When people internalize the SPICES Paradigm™, they develop a deeper sense of compassion, patience, confidence, personal joy, emotionally stability, and contentment than before they experienced SPICES.  Despite barriers, they are conscious of what is happening, so they are able to overcome obstacles. They are adaptable, able to communicate from their heart (deeper than the surface layer) that derives from their Spirit.

SPICES people understand other people’s feelings and thoughts. They are resourceful, trustworthy, authentic, collaborative, and cooperative.  They refrain from being prideful, insecure, jealous, angry, upset, quick-tempered. They do not use people or substances to fill their void.  They choose rather to NOT to get into arguments and seek instant gratification.

Overall, SPICES enables people to become balanced and restored from birth to death.  They are in positive relationships, live healthy lifestyles, and are mentally healthy. Individuals may overcome their perceived vulnerabilities to discover resiliency, joy, compassion, and satisfaction. Negative elements, such as anxiety, stress, anger, impatience, frustration, depression, jealousy, rejection, and bitterness disappear.  When SPICES is in balance, people live productive lives.

Get a taste of SPICES, the ingredients to have you become whole, balanced, and renewed.

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