I strongly believe everyone needs to become more self-aware. Self-awareness is being aware of who you are and how others see you. You are aware of your thoughts, character, attitude, feelings, motives, desires–you. All of you. This also includes your aspirations in life, what compels you to do what you do, what values drive your decisions, what effect you have on others, what makes you happy, and what is needed for you to be—you–the whole you.

The other component is how others see you. How do others see you–your character, attitude, motives, etc.?

So why should you become more self-aware than you already are? Your life experiences (e.g. school, neighborhood, work, friendships, family) shape who you are–your stories.Those stories are your stories–from your perspective.

Well, what if the perspective you have of yourself is not the whole you? What if there are areas of who you are that have yet to be discovered? What if you have yet to become the best version of yourself?

I strongly believe you are more than your stories. You are more than what you currently think, feel, believe, etc.

How can you discover more of yourself? Consider coaching.

When working with a great coach, you are given the opportunity to become more self-aware by exploring areas of yourself from multiple perspectives and dimensions. Coaching will help you discover those “other” stories about yourself, putting together the pieces of you into one whole masterpiece–ALL OF YOU–because you are wonderfully and beautifully made.

So what is the underlying reason why you should become more self-aware than you already are? I believe if you do not feel joy, are thriving, and whole, then everyone needs to become more self-aware. You have one life to live. Might as well discover yourself while you’re still alive. The journey of finding who you truly are is unique and one-of-a-kind — just like YOU!

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