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Unique Programs and Services for Youth
(middle school and high school)

The Guaranteed Well Being Approach: 10 years of Success in One Seminar to Help You Succeed in School, College, Work and Life

This is the ONLY program you need for you to become successful–GUARANTEED! Dr. Koo has more than 10 years of success in helping students holistically get ready for college, prepare for the workforce, and be healthy–for life!

Save money and stop going to all these agencies. Just take this program, and you will be set for LIFE!  Receive practical skills and opportunity to be prepared for life!

Academic, leadership, community service, test prep, internship, work experience, college counseling, relationship/communication skills, emotional balance, mental balance, and life balance.

This is the ONLY guaranteed well-being approach in the world. Guaranteed!

NOTE: Dr. Koo will only register 15 students each cohort. New Cohorts occur two times a year.

Time: 2 year program


Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Koo offers an array of topics for agencies and schools.

Spiritual/Personal Development/Well-Being

* How can I be happy?

* What do I major in college?

* What is my life purpose?

* How can I figure out WHO I AM?

* Why am I the way I am? How do I change?


* Overcoming body image issues

* How to eat healthy and be happy?

* What foods do I eat to make me___?

* What is the appropriate calorie intake for my body?

* Upcoming dance? I need to learn how to dance.


* How do I stop arguing with my ____?

* What is domestic violence? Am I a victim or perpetrator?

* How do I get along with ____?

* How do I know if I have genuine friends? How do I make REAL friends?

Emotional/Attitude/Behavior/Character Development

* How do I control my emotional rollercoaster?

* Why do I say things I don’t mean to say?

* How do I stop doing what I don’t want to do but I keep doing it?

* I need to stop being ___ (e.g. depressed, angry, anxious, sad, etc.). Help me!

* Become the best for the rest of your life

Financial Aid/Saving/Budgeting/Life Planning

* How to save money for my future

* How do I budget?

* What do I need to do to prepare for my future?

* How do I understand my financial aid package?

Social Skills/Etiquette/Manners/Dress for Success/Make-over

* Learn how to socialize without having to be awkward or perceived weird

* How do I develop strong “people” skills?

* What do I do when I am in certain places?

* How do I dress for success?

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