Young Adult

Young Adults Programs and Services

Need a boost to get to your next stage of life? Dr. Koo provides young adults with resources, skills, training, and tools to help you achieve that dream job, get ready for graduate school, and more!


Coaching, Consulting, and Training Options

Career Advising and Placement

Dr. Koo will help you figure out a career plan that is aligned with your passion and purpose. Learn her methodology and approach because believe it or not, she’s pretty much done it all. Learn the craft and trade of finding what you love and going for it.

Skill Building - Internship Programs

If you want to move up the career ladder, you need the skills to secure your next position. Skills include:

* essential skills (“people” or “soft” skills)
* emotional balance skills
* communication skills
* negotiating skills
* conflict reduction skills
* relationship skills (coworkers, significant other, family, etc.)
* work/life balance skills
* and much more!

Dr. Koo has years of experience helping young adults be positioned to launch to their next goals!

Life Coaching

What’s that missing piece in your life? Many young adults whether they attend/graduate college, leave their institutions wondering, what’s next? What do I do with my life? Is this the life I want to live? How do I. . . ?

Dr. Koo has found that missing piece for thousands of young adults. She helps you figure out who you are, where you need to go, what your purpose is, and how to get there. Sometimes, we just need those foundational human questions answered.

Get connected. Minimum of one package (one package = 10 sessions)

Graduate School Advising

After graduating from college, some people may want to attend graduate school. Dr. Koo has helped young adults position themselves to admitted to top tier graduate schools (Master’s and Ph.D. programs).  If you need to know the hidden pieces that make a candidate stand out and what you need to get admitted, get connected with Dr. Koo.

Relationship Coaching

Dating the wrong person or not dating at all? Dr. Koo has been a relationship education educator since 2009, provided pre-marital advising, and officiated a wedding.

Learn how to avoid repeating the same mistakes your guardians did.  Stop arguing and learn the secret to a strong, healthy relationship for life! Dr. Koo’s method works.

Personal/Fitness Training

Need to get in shape, but need that extra push. Learn the proper way to lift weights, exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight.  Dr. Koo is a certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, weight loss specialist, and fitness nutrition specialist.  She will help you.

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