Projects, Products, and Programs

Dr. Koo partners with companies/entrepreneurs to launch new projects, create new products, and provide customized programs. Her customized services and programs help companies increase their market share while reducing unnecessary costs. Dr. Koo provides key strategies to help employees and employers synergistically work together to solve complex issues, build a sense of community, improve work productivity, increase internal motivation, possess quality customer service skills, and communicate effectively to serve the community and its constituents.

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Coaching and Consulting

Need guidance or direct answers for yourself or company?

Executive Coaching/Life Coaching

Dr. Koo has the ability to recognize the root of people’s problems and provide practical tools and strategies. Her approach is integrative and addresses multiple issues, so she can help people eliminate or reduce barriers that hinder them from maximizing their full potential.

Business Consulting

Dr. Koo is a cross-cultural strategy expert who helps companies bridge international networks and penetrate new markets. Using the SPICES approach™, she offers custom-tailored consultation services to recognize the root of company’s problems and provide practical tools and results-oriented strategies that are long-lasting.

Sample Areas of Expertise:

Spiritual – how to become one with God, sanctification/life transformation

Physical – personal training, nutrition, weight loss

Interpersonal – effective communication, learn why people are the way they are

Cognitive – education and life planning

Emotional – Master EQ, be balanced at all times, anger and anxiety reduction, reduce depression and other “issues”, overcome barriers

Social – learn social cues, cultural aptitude in different settings

Master Trainer

Need to improve your “whole” self? Dr. Koo provides training at agencies, schools, universities, and companies. Also, she provides train the trainer programs that center on self improvement, education, fitness/health, and business strategies.  As a human developmentalist, she has the acumen to identify problems and provide unique approaches in helping people and companies overcome their obstacles.

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