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Dr. Koo develops diverse people in your company to become very productive employees. 

She does this by providing her proprietary programs and services to engage employees through coaching, consulting, training, and speaking engagements.


Total Company Makeover: Synergize Your Workplace Synergize Your Workplace™

Want to synergize your entire company? Dr. Koo’s signature, comprehensive program helps executives and employees to synergistically revamp their company. She provides the key ingredients for everyone to work together to solve complex issues, build a sense of community, improve work productivity, increase internal motivation, possess quality customer service skills, and communicate effectively to serve the community and its constituents.

Time: 6-month intensive or one year program (about 135 hours)
Part A: Once every two weeks with executives/1 hour (35 hours)
Part B: Once a week with employees/1 hour or twice a week/two hours (90 hours)
Part C: Follow-up coaching calls once a week/one hour after Part A and B.

Employee Engagement and Motivation Program

Dr. Koo’s Employee Engagement and Motivation Program helps companies save money by focusing on the most important budget line item: human capital. Invest in your employees in order to increase your return on engagement. She has a unique talent to help motivate, revive, and engage employees to not only increase work productivity but also have positive attitudes.

Total Time: 30 hours


once a week, 1 hour/week (30 weeks)
once a week, 2 hours/week (15 weeks)
twice a week, 1.5 hours/week (10 weeks)


Level 1: Attitude, Behavior, and Character Alignment Program (A.B.C.’s)

Dr. Koo provides employees to maintain strong values and ethics by focusing on their foundation—their A. B. and C’s. Her program targets the core—finding and taking out the root issues that cause people to not obtain authentic, last lasting communication, emotional, and interpersonal skills Time: 10 hours


Level 2: Performance Improvement Program

Using Dr. Koo’s process-oriented approach, she provides people the skills and tools (essential skills, personal skills, communication skills, life skills) to redirect their way of thinking, doing, and living. Rather than another motivational speech, we address the root causes so that employees uphold positive attitudes, high emotional intelligence, and people skills to accomplish their work with efficiency and effectiveness. This program will not only transform the way people work, but also change their personal lives. Time: 20 hours

Intercultural Integration Program (Diversity + Company Culture)

Dr. Koo believes all employees must be welcomed and appreciated by their leaders and colleagues. When they are acknowledged and accepted, employees embrace and uphold company culture and company values, work productivity increases, and cultural differences are valued.

Dr. Koo provides a comprehensive diversity-training program for employees to embrace cultural differences, examine cultural influences, and practice cultural integration methods. This program targets employee retention, workplace etiquette, employee retention, conflict resolution, communication skills, people skills/personal skills, and cultural diversity issues. Shes provides a propriety approach for employees to maintain a global mindset, so that companies can continue recruiting diverse talented people and increase their market share.

Dr. Koo is process-oriented and results-oriented. Once executives and employees learn the process, it is difficult to go back to their previous way of thinking.

Executive Leadership Package
Time: 20 hours
10 week program, two hours/week

Employees and Staff Development Comprehensive Package (long-lasting change)
Time: 30 hours total
15 week program, 2 hours/week

Staff Development/Professional Development

Dr. Koo provides agencies, businesses, and companies staff/professional development programs and services to help people maximize their human potential and take a proactive role in the workplace.  resulting in productive employees who have vision and purpose.

If you are interested in Dr. Koo’s comprehensive programs, but do not have the budget and time, she provides a taste of our programs through her workshops and seminars. Her presentations are customizable to fit your company’s needs, so email her at for more information.

1 – 2 hour speaking engagements
2 – 3 days intensive seminars/training programs

Talent Recruitment

Dr. Koo partners with businesses that uphold SPICES values and principles. Companies adequately pay for what people are worth (above living wage for all employees). She then introduce businesses to healthy, happy, and committed people who have gone through the SPICES program. They are trained, especially in their soft skill sets. SPICES people are unique individuals who will Synergize Your Workplace™; thus improving the quality of lives for employees and employers



Coaching and Consulting

Using the SPICES paradigm™, Dr. Koo has the ability to recognize the root of people’s problems and provide practical tools and strategies. Her approach is integrative and addresses multiple issues, so she can help people eliminate or reduce barriers that hinder them from maximizing their full potential

Agencies, Businesses, and Corporations

Sarai’s programs help companies increase their market share while reducing unnecessary costs.  She provides key strategies to help employees and employers synergistically work together to solve complex issues, build a sense of community, improve work productivity, increase internal motivation, possess quality customer service skills, and communicate effectively to serve the community and its constituents.

Cities and Communities

Dr. Koo partners with cities and communities improve their current programs and services, create new programs, and provide staff training.  She also helps communities cultivate resources and bridge connections.

Talent Skill Building and Representation

Dr. Koo skills, trains, and develops people to be prepared for the workforce. She also works with a few talented individuals to become their talent agents and coaches. She helps them secure careers they are passionate about or start their own businesses.


Dr. Koo works with cause-driven companies who want to hire quality employees and/or executives. Her SPICES graduates are motivated and passionate about their work. Are you looking to hire extraordinary talent?

Projects, Products, and Programs

Dr. Koo partners with companies/entrepreneurs to launch new projects, create new products, and provide customized programs. Looking to launch something new?


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